Camera Workshops

This 2 day Workshop  is designed for filmmakers, camera assistants, cameraman, DoPs and other cinema professionals who wish to gain insight into the craft of the camera department. The theory and practice of work-flow with a RED Camera is examined in depth, so as to become familiar with digital Red camera technology as well as post procedures. The course includes lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises using newest Red equipment. An workshop into the world of Digital Cinematography Red One Workshop will be hold during the Vienna Filmfestival in Vienna.


We will then in-depth explore the RED ONE camera system, discuss the RED theory and philosophy as a camera system, and explore the design, Menus ,Timelapse RAW R2D Format, Firmware, Blackshading, Troubleshooting 

  •  "How to build the RED ONE camera" will be demonstrated and  trained
  • Shooting of footage examples, formats, get Film Look & Mood, Color Grading,
  • Postproduction workflow ,Data structure, Backup , Grading Reconfirming, Finishing RAW-editing, integration of RAW-footage in "conventional" formats (Apple Final Cut Workflow & Color Avid Workflow )
  •  RED Software RED Cine, RED Alert, RED Rushes 

**You will also receive the shooted footage after workshop 

*The workshops participant get a certificate that endorses them to operate and work with RED cameras. 

Workshop Trainer:
Antoni Marlinowski is working since the early models (51 ,52) as a DIT ( Digital Image Technician) and works a colorist and cameraman on International productions. 

He speaks fluently German and English 

Levels: New Professionals with 2 or more years experience 
Tuition: 550.- € 
Dates:  available dates by email