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The Camera Department, founded in April 2002, it's a professional video film production company based in Austria Vienna with many Awarded Director of Photography, Cinematographer, and Cameraman. Serving  Camera Crews for high-quality Productions who need a local video crew, for Pre-production, corporate videos, camera teams, film crews, camera operators, local fixers, assistants and video editing. The Camera Department provides the quality local media resources for TV projects as well for corporate media productions with awarded camera crews around the world in 25 countries. We save our clients time hassle and money, expert management paired with excellence crews make us the one-stop service for your global media production. Our Head office is based in Vienna were we working with English speaking crew in Austria and for our global shootings. Full of passion and dedication for our international clients. 


  • Creative filmmaker Style
    A comprehensive mash-up,  of a handpicked intuitive and versatile creative cameraman for global brands with many awards as Director of Photography, skilled on high reputation commercial sets. Most  Agency request DoPs from us. Experience Level 15 years plus
  • Flexible Camera Crews   
    For Broadcast and News Agency Our multi-purpose ENG Crews who support advanced social and technical skills to shoot  Full HD 16:9 and showcase, even sensible situations in gorgeous HD video content. Visual Storyteller for Broadcaster and Corporates with a minimum of 10 years Broadcast work.
  • Professional Video Crews
    Perfect for your Event or Conference filming our  Professional Video Camera Crew, trained in hundreds of events and top-notch conferences they know how to tell your Story by covering soft news, Interviews,  Approved by BBC NHK and CBS journalist and Reporter,  the solution for best coverage of conferences, global fairs, most of our clients take us abroad for there tourism promotion  or for there event live speaker on camera.  


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Learn how to prepare a Live stream template, with this demo's tutorial.

Learn how to customize the logo for Facebook Live, with the Live Logo Editing tutorial.

Explore even more with a range of specific Live-based Tutorials, such as Content setup.

The Camera Department has been developing its Partner Social Media Channels based on Clients request and distributors. Our Digital Department Metaprime Studio developed custom and unique tools for Advertiser and Media People. This is an ongoing campaign work which will get better the more active partner join the network presenting their region country or city and develop new distribution channels in new places.

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