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Camera Crews

The Camera Department has been involved in professional media productions for over eighteen years. Working closely with our clients from the pre-production stage to the final production process, we aim to produce innovative, inspiring film content that gets your story to a wide audience. Our extensive experience in all aspects of broadcast television production gives us the ability to give you the best people and state of the art equipment for each TV film production. From the supply of a single cameraman operator, photographer, production coordinator through to full television production.

We believe that fair prices go hand in hand with unbeatable quality.Therefore, our core creative and technical staff is composed of award-winning professionals from the film and television industry in Europe head office is based in Vienna (Austria).

Salzburg Cameraman

Cameraman , Editor, Photographer by The Camera Department  Production  English speaking Cameraman or Freelancer  Salzburg . Shooting Film Promotional with international Celebs or Global brands. Salzburg is unbeatable sceen for every event or promotion film.

Director of Photography

Cinematographer awarded Director of Photography for Commercial and Coporate Productions. Our DOPs have international experience with a wide variety of brands and clients. Major Coporate brands trust in our creative imagination. 

ENG Broadcasting crew

Broadcasting Camera Teams for TV Stations PR Agencies ENG crews shoot interviews executive message B-Roll legal documentation demonstrations experienced in crisis areas. Our TV Cameraman work with international reporter top notch Anchor and magazine show producers with 


Video and photography business, specialized custom trained videographer for fast and reliable shooting. Videojournalism for  web news gathering that fits small productions in all aspects of film-making and video production quality HD DSLR with young creatives for your next youtube viral .

Livestream Facebook

ImagePro Live Meta Stream Studio is a portable video stream solution for event or conferences Broadcasting or social event to stream live and create professional live streams from any location from one to multiple cameras. Feed your Livestream into social media timeline for exponential exposure on Facebook  Twitter and Youtube. We developed our custom Media APP Solution for our clients. Live Lower Third or engaging Reactions Graphics is possible with the 24/7 Live CGI Backend On-Demand Webcasts with Virtual Studios Sets or bluescreen from your office. The limits are only imagination 

Camera Crew & Equipment List

ARRI ALEXA Digital Cinema camera starter package for broadcast, motion picture and commercial. Only for Remote Use