Facebook Live  Metaprime Stream Studio is a portable pro video stream solution for your event sport or conference. Broadcasting to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter youtube, and your website.  Stream live events and create professional live-streams from any location.


Facebook Live: Videos streamen

From one up to multi-camera solutions. Feed your Livestream into social media timeline for exponential exposure We developed our custom Media APP Solution for our clients. If you need social feed in video or just a  Lower Third with engaging Reactions Graphics is possible with the 24/7 Live CGI Backend On-Demand Livestream  with Virtual Studios Sets or blue screen from your office. The limits are only imagination  Reach a wider audience for global video communication. Multiple live Broadcast cameras from multiple global locations can be switched in one live stream with dynamic studio effects. Content like movies images or sounds can be pre-compose for the live video feeds. Prebuild sub title and banners give the professional look like any a TV Broadcaster. Streaming directly to your Facebook Fan page, Privat Business Group or Event is a unique and highly viral media,  ask for a showcase to prove the concept. Interaction makes your Video spread fast.