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The Camera Department has been developing its Partner channels based on Clients request distributors. Our Digital Deaprtment Metaprime Studio developed custom and unique tools for Advertiser and Media People. This is an on-going campaign which will get better the more aktive partner join the network presenting there region country or city  and develop new distribution channels in places where there is no Camera Department  representative now.

We’ll establish a  relationship and full cooperation together with our business partners distributors on service devlopment, media, promotion, film production and training. The Camera Department shall offer the suport and service possible for your Production Service and recomend trusted local parter to there clients . Film was all time a team work and we belive that sharing resources and promotion channels can help everyboy to get the right service with best people for the job. 


Film Industry Partner 

Network Partner


We share our distribution and Social Media Marketing Channels and knowledge with our partner 200k + 

You will be Premiere Representative for all request in your region for Camera Film and Broadcast needs. 

Free Online Workshops  around Media publishing and dsitribution.


You dont have to be in the Film &Broadcast business to join the Media Partner Program request our Sponsorship Opportunities  to suport our young filmmakers projects.  

Who should Attend ?  Media Professionals , Network Broadcaster, Filmproducer, News Channels, Journalists , Film Festival , Film & Photo Expo Fairs 




Our Partners and Clients

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  • Berlin Camera Crew
  • FutureTAlk-Cameraman
  • TV-Show Studio VIVA
  • Vienna Tourism
  • Vienna Camera Crew Operaballl Vienna
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  • Documentary Camera Team