Every Oscar nomination starts with a small acting role 

Jeder hat mal klein angefangen Christoph Waltz first demo reel #Oscar   #waltz

Salzburger Stierwascher

Manchmal wundert man sich wie das die Salzburger so machen. Das video zeigt schön wie...

Tor ins Paradies – Wien

Wie sonst nirgendwo in dieser Stadt treffen sich hier die zwei Seiten der Medaille. Die...

I bet AUSTRIA can reach 1 million fans before GERMANY

Can the 10 times smaler Austria reach one million fans before the 80 million country Germany .Thats the topic for a edutainment page on Facebook that grow extremely fast viral .45000 members all over the globe joined to help or see how austria would perform on these unfair bet. But for now the impossible looks very true Austria leads with 10 times more fans . A virtual Olympic user game for Austrians Germans and every buddy how like these 2 countries